All websites are made in Australia

Click an image below to visit one of our live websites. This is a small selection of our websites on the internet. These are real working websites built by us. 

Each site is tailored to each clients needs. If you need something different or special not shown here, chances are we can do it. We have a major array of creative bells and whistles available. 

Responsive design

Responsive design means the site will automatically respond to any size device by resizing the site to the device screen. i.e. a computer or tablet or mobile. Ask about the new 6 breakpoints to futureproof your design.

Responsive screens

Home page - Full image

All our sites have a full screen large image home page with introduction buttons with links to other pages. Rather than cramming all your specials on the front page and information into one space, we take the customer to the information they want. 

Customised menu

This site has a solid white menu bar, however this could be in any colour of your choice or clear. The titles are strong and the subsections of text stand out against the backgrounds. This is a responsive menu designed specifically to resize down to small mobiles like iPhone 12 screens.


Category Pages are designed to add “content” to your site. They are also an important springboard point for customers to see what is available on the site within the selected category. This page has a blurb about Mondaine watches that Search engines will use.

Here we see a large banner as the main feature followed by a good sizable text introduction to the topic. A nice bright menu bar in the sites colour of choice.

Media Library

Each site has its own media library where you can load your own business images, stock images, personal images, whatever you require. If you have a logo or if you need one, we can help.

A true shopping cart style page showing products for sale.  From one to one thousand products. Our shopping carts can easily handle your product list.

More shop page information:

  • Product pages
  • Category pages

Information page

Another true information page. Whatever your information, we can display it on a page like this or to any other design. A highlighted image indicating the described information. 

Creative control

Banners, videos, a slideshow are just the start. Check out what you like and let us know. See more slideshow options on our slideshow demo page.

product grid

The WooCommerce product grid has over 1000 settings.

Product page:
top section

This is the top section of a product page. Showing a product title and pricing, add to cart button and some limited information. All these sections are editable.

Product page:
lower section

This is the lower section of a product page where much more product information can be displayed. Text, images & videos can be placed into product pages. All these sections are editable.

Related products can also be displayed under these pages.

Modern sleek impact

This site shows two large images as the front page in immediate view.  You will also notice the footer menu. Google reCaptcha symbol in bottom right corner protects against malicious bots.

Responsive design

Each site is Responsive in design. This means the site will resize itself depending on the device used to view the site.  

Site cloning

A duplicate site created to provide the same services in another country. Talk about opening up your horizons.

Professional images

We can source images for you or use your images. Royalty free images are available for almost every industry at very low cost and some are free. 

Home page video

Another great site built with the clients specific needs catered for. Shows a wide background image behind a scrolling front. Features a video to engage visitors. Get your target market engaged right from the start. The longer they stay engaged, the lower your bounce rate. 

Full WooCommerce

A well known site No 1 in its market. Handles massive traffic and never drops a beat. 

Front page consists of:

  • Full page banner
  • Custom menu
  • Category page links
  • Category short descriptions
  • General site information
  • Product image gallery
  •  2 x Featured products tables
  • More general information (SEO)
  • Custom footer menu

1000's of Templates

There are 1000’s of templates for all business types. No matter what industry you are in, we can build a site for you.

Click here to visit our template promo page.